From affordable cottages for empty-nesters to cozy family retreats, every project provides a comfortable, healthy, and efficient home.



You spend a considerable amount of time in your home and you spent a considerable amount of money to buy it. Shouldn't you be comfortable? No drafts, no cold windows, no leaks or freezing pipes. We build to an international standard known as Passive House that is specifically designed to create a comfortable home.

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The quality of the indoor air in your home is often overlooked, but can play a big part in your health and the health of your family. Our homes are built with a constant source of fresh outdoor air, filtered to the same high level as many hospitals, and are all-electric so there is no carbon monoxide danger.  The triple-pane windows and added insulation also make for a very quiet and peaceful home - unless, of course, you have children...

Want to really focus on health? Then let's discuss also designing to meet the requirements of the Living Building Challenge.

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 While the comfort and health benefits alone make for a far better house than the typical standard, the real benefit is the extreme efficiency of the design. Heating and cooling use the most energy in a typical home and our homes reduce that demand by as much as 90%. That's right, the design and construction a Passive House results in just 10% to 20% of the energy demand of the house sitting next door. This obviously results in significantly lower electric bills, no gas bill, and even a reduced water bill as we use efficient fixtures (and can put in a gray water system for even more savings).

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