Developing award-winning real estate - with a focus on sustainability and performance.


Green Design / Build

We build comfortable, healthy, and efficient buildings because that's how we want to live and work. Despite significant advances in technology, most homes and buildings today are built much the same way they were 100 years ago, about the same time the Model T was designed. We don't build Model T's.

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Deep Energy Retrofit

We don't simply renovate, we take a comprehensive approach that balances efficiency, sustainability, and cost. Our goal is to maintain the graciousness and character of historic homes and buildings while making them fully functional for modern living. So behind the walls it's all new, but you'd never know on the outside.

Consulting & Services



We provide green building and passive house consulting services to individuals thinking about building a home or commercial property, institutions such as schools and non-profits, businesses, and the public sector as well as the real estate community:  architects, builders, and planners. This includes advanced energy modeling, passive house consulting and design, capital markets and financing, and asset management services for commercial and residential real estate projects and portfolios.